Creating Lifechanging Experiences  

Spring & Summer Wilderness Quest (Dates TBA) 
The time in nature is important. Our overnight wilderness quest program gives your child time to disconnect from negative triggers and engage in the natural environment. Our team will take your child on an overnight trip to the Allegheny Forest.

Overnight Wilderness Quest $200 Includes Meals (Ages 13-17):

  • Hiking
  • Paddling
  • Overnight Backpacking
  • Building Camp
  • Team Building 
  • ​Scavenger Hunt
  • Personal Development 
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Wilderness Expression through Art & Music

Four Directions Outdoor Education

Half Day Programming

(2.5 Hours) Short Guided Trip with Exploratory Time & Personal Reflection 

Full Day Programming

(4-6 Hours) Guided Trip, Wilderness Expression, Exploratory Time, Problem Solving, Personal Reflection

Multi Sport Programs

(4-6 Hours) Multipile Activites that engage physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Group Programming  

Individual Programming

Summer Youth Paddling Camp

June 26th-30th 2017 9-11 AM 

July 10-14th 2017 9-11 AM 

August 7-11th 2017 9-11 AM

Four Directions Outdoor Education 

Overnight Wilderness Treck 
Our expert guides will take your teen on a beginner friendly guided backpacking trip and introduce leave no trace ethics and personal responsibility in the backcountry.

Teen Wilderness Trek $120 Included Meals (Ages 13-17):

  • Overnight Backpacking Trip
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • ​Team Building
  • Wilderness Expression through Art & Music
  • Personal Development 


Half Day/ Full Day/ Multi Sport Programming 
Our expert guides will focus on helping your child  build person responsibility by creating a safe environment for them to explore nature and their inner-self.

Half Day $45 / Full Day $65 / Multi Sport Programs $75 (All Ages):

  • Paddling Excursions   
  • Hiking Trips 
  • Bike Tours
  • Winter Treking  
  • Wilderness Expression through Art & Music
  • ​Personal Reflection
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